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FIFA World cup: an unforgiving Tournament

FIFA World cup: an unforgiving Tournament

FIFA World cup: an unforgiving Tournament

Written By

Samrat Dahal

Samrat Dahal

22 Jun 2018

Mugal Samrat Dahal is an engineer by profession an...

Football is a beautiful game. The way team move forward to attack with a goal in their mind, the way opposition keep their composure and becomes rock solid in defense to prevent that, the way a star player dribbles through the opposition, the way defenders slide to challenge for the ball and the euphoric moment when your team scores the goal; all these way this game unfolds around ninety minutes is a reason it is the most followed sports in the world. All the Footballing skills, excitements, passion, determinations that come with the game of football culminate into one global tournament that is Fifa World Cup; A tournament where we can see absolute extreme of emotions. A tournament where top 32 Footballing nations of the World battle for the ultimate glory—to be recognized as the World Champions.


Fifa world cup 2018 is happening in Russia. Already plenty of things have unfolded. Everybody, even if their country has not participated, seems to have a favorite country that they support. The extreme ecstasy that the winning teams and their fans feel when they score a winner in the last minute of the game cannot possibly be matched to anything else in sports. When the match goes right to the wire and after 90 minutes of heart throbbing excitement and thrill when our team finally wins, the triumph we feel can be as if we were the one who worked hard in the pitch and we were the one who scored the goal. As if we became one with all the 11 players and we were the players.


The level of euphoria we get from this tournament is second to none there is no doubt. But all of this is when our team is winning. What about the time when our favorite team do not win or our favorite player do not perform? That is when everything goes sideways and the tournament that was once so exciting becomes a horrific nightmare. A loss of our team can be equally heart breaking and it will take out all the fun from the game and expose you to the extremes of negative emotions. Everybody starts criticizing your team and your favorite player; that is when you see the other side of this tournament. You do not want to be in this side of the tournament because if you are here, with a losing side, your friends will be the first one to mock you. Memes will be made and social media will be filled with trolls about your team adding insult to an injury. This is the point where disappointment and resentment kicks in. One thing adds up to another and we start doubting the skills of the very team we supported and we start hating the team and the players that we loved and even start hating the tournament itself.


The tournament that we were so excited about becomes our biggest nightmare. At this point we start to wonder how exactly we got here? But if we look closely, this was the demon of our own making. When our team won last time, we forgot there was a team who lost even after they gave their best. At that point we did not care. We trolled our friends and made memes about their players.


Now when our team loses, they will be trolling us. And next time when our team wins, nobody will hold back on the trolls and memes. And this vicious cycle continues forever, always leaving half the people totally disappointed, broken hearted and hurt.


Granted the fact that only one of the 32 teams will be standing at the end and other 31 teams are bound to be disappointed at some point. Maybe we may not be able to do anything about the disappointment. But we can at least put an end to this cycle of trolling and start respecting the opposition when the 90 minutes is over.  We need to understand that commitment, hard work, determination and emotions are involved with the players and the teams who lost as well. Can’t we just enjoy the tournament supporting our team and being happy for our team’s win without pointing the finger? Lots of moments—happy or sad, disappointing or exciting—are yet to come. Let’s just start being forgiving in this exciting yet unforgiving tournament.

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