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The end of a disaster

The end of a disaster by Nischal Joshi.

The end of a disaster by Nischal Joshi.

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Nischal Joshi

Nischal Joshi

22 Jun 2018

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Still can't bring it to myself that we lost to Croatia. Watching Croatia tear up Argentina limbs by limbs was a complete disaster. The most profound memory of last season for me is the Roma debacle. It was like watching a dying patient struggling for life with you being unable to do anything than just watch. Yesterday's game was a carbon copy of that. The similarities can't be enough. Two "Great" teams with two "great proven" managers refusing to do what is best just to satisfy their ego. Sampaoli post-match comes out and says Messi's brilliance was clouded by his Argentine team mate. Wow, what a classy gesture to come out with a face saver in front of Messi fan boys completely ignoring the other players. Who was the one that chose Caballero over Armani?


Hell, on retrospect, Romero was axed just for this. Even the dumbest of the people -not even regular football watchers but WC seasonal fans- on fan groups have been naming a better lineup than Sampaoli. And guess what, Sampaoli refusing to learn from his mistake plays out 6 FULLBACKS against Croatia. I stayed painstakingly for a few hours hoping that the rumored lineup was false but guess what Sampaoli is actually tactically dumb and I was expecting just a little too much. Lo Celso, the only creative midfielder on the squad, never makes the team. Pavon despite his impactful performance still can't make the team. And, Armani the best GK in the Argentine league is deemed not experienced enough. This is in reality not the end of the WC but the end of a disaster waiting to happen. I'm a pseudo-Netherland fan and I was actually glad when Netherland failed to make it to the WC because for me it wasn't a disaster but the dodging of a bullet. Netherland, and even Italy, for their part would've been destroyed completely in this WC and I'm happy it won't happen.


This Argentine team is similar. It isn't about making it to the R16 from here. If we do, which we won't, it is just going to be a path for you to be completely wrecked apart by a train in the form of Spain, Germany or Brazil. The best thing that can come out of this WC is this crop of players taking the retirement post-WC and giving the helm to Icardi and Dyabala and look for 2022. This is the best that can happen but won't happen in reality. Lionel Messi's greatest mistake still remains choosing Argentina over Spain when he had the chance. He would've had a group of players that wouldn't have continuously destroy everything. Messi for me is still the Greatest Player I've ever seen and this is without any bias. But, to see my father 32 years from the great glory still say to me that Maradona remains the best player he has ever seen makes me actually think about it. Maradona is probably the GOAT and anyone saying so is probably too young like me to understand that. 1976 when Maradona won the WC for Argentina, Messi wasn't even born so comparing too eras is still a too big of a comparison but Maradona has my respect for doing what Messi has failed to do. And I've seen a lot of "Best scenario" things already. Guess what, those are for the dreams and won't happen. Iceland will defeat Nigeria tonight and draw against Croatia the next game.


The WC is done and dusted and focusing on Barcelona for the next season is what I'll be beginning from now. The WC is over. I can't believe I raised my hopes for this team knowing how this team was. I sugarcoated everything to fit in my hopes but guess what is visible is visible, without Messi this team is nothing. Shutdown Messi and this team is done for. I still can't believe a GK who can't kick the ball shares the same dressing room with my GOAT but this is life. And yes, I'll happily take all the banters. My team was horseshit and we lost. We don't deserve to win. Hell, Messi is probably too great of a treasure for this team that they don't deserve. I'm done with the rumbling and ranting. Enjoy the WC.

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