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Vlog sensation

Today, thousands of vloggers (people who vlog) put videos on the internet. Photo credit: socialchain dot com

Today, thousands of vloggers (people who vlog) put videos on the internet. Photo credit: socialchain dot com

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Biraj Mishra

Biraj Mishra

2 Jul 2018

Vlogging, short for "video blogging", is blogging through the medium of video. Vlog is considered to be a creative content in form of videos that is uploaded on internet, mostly on the YouTube nowadays. People started making vlogs during the early 2000 and it is gaining popularity since then. Many Nepalese are adopting this trend from the western world and it shows no signs of slowing down.


Today, thousands of vloggers (people who vlog) put videos on the internet on a daily basis. Some of them with most viewers and most subscribers on their YouTube channel have professionalized this content creating profession as their full time enrolment. With the similar motive to positively influence and educate the viewers like us, recently many Nepalese youths have also started creating video contents and publishing them on the internet.


People have different purpose for making a vlog. Most of the vlogs are concentrated in comedy genre and only few others are focused on providing information to influence the viewers. For a vlog to be perfect it must possess the content that the audience desires the most and it also must grasp the attention so that the audience will not get bored while watching it.


In context of Nepal, it has not been so long since people have started composing vlogs. Just in the duration of 3 to 4 years the numbers of vloggers have increased significantly and it is still growing. These days, if u walk around the busy streets and crossways in the Kathmandu city then you might bump into 2 or 3 people facing the camera and talking to it; yes, my friend, they are vlogging. Making vlogs is an obsession for the people and in country like Nepal composing a vlog is not an easy task to undertake. Only few vloggers make videos that covers all the necessary aspects of a impeccable vlog. Some vloggers entertain the viewers with comedy content while others educate the viewers with some educative information. There are few vloggers who make videos just for the sake of making it, which do not contain sufficient content and no proper effort is shown to make the video. But, there are some, who make a team and go to different places and show determination and effort to create a good content which informs the viewers about diverse places of the country.


We can also find many personal vloggers in Nepal who upload many videos reflecting their lifestyle, struggle moralities and ethics by which they try to enlighten people about different phases of life.  Some of the vloggers who are admired by the public are: - Girish khatiwada, Ming Sherpa, Sisan baniya, Aayush rimal, Chetan Raj Karki, James Shrestha, Susan Maharjan, and so on.


Though the number of vloggers is more for the limited Nepalese audience, it is a matter of pride for Nepalese that the youngsters are indulged in creating something creative and effecting others in a positive manner.

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